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Our guess is that you are not too concerned with choosing the exact sport to help the development of your nursery children- but you have a feeling that getting them involved in sport at a young age will have a positive effect.

And then tiring them out of energy out isn’t such a bad thing either!


Pre School

Building on the skills we develop during our nursery sessions, our pre-school sports sessions take a more sport specific approach but with an emphasis on learning fundamental motor skills, communication and social skills.

We offer a wide range of sports from gymnastics and dance to rugby, football and cricket. If there is a particular sport you would like us to do at your school then just ask us!


Primary School

The importance of sport to primary school aged children is hard to overestimate: research has shown that participation in sport builds confidence, self-esteem and leads to higher academic achievement.

Physical activity also helps children to build their social skills. It’s not about the sport they choose but more about the choice to make sport a part of their lives.


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