Is SportSkool OFSTED registered?

SportSkool is OFSTED registered. This means that parents can pay for SportSkool classes using childcare vouchers. For more information about paying with childcare vouchers please contact one of our team. 

Does SportSkool offer children’s birthday parties? If so, what activities do they include?

Unfortunately, we no longer are able to provide staff for birthday parties. We apologise for an inconvenience this may cause.

Are all your coaches DBS certified?

All of our coaches are DBS certified. 


What do I need to bring with me?

Our pre-schoolers just need to come dressed in comfortable clothing that is suitable for sporting activities. 

Are the parents present within the class?

For some of our younger classes we ask the parents to stay in the room and help their children throughout the session. However for our football classes we ask the parents to sit on the side and watch the session, as we have found the children listen more to the coaches this way. For the gymnastics classes for older children we ask parents to stay outside in the kitchen / games room area.

Can I get a refund if my child doesn’t enjoy the class or the class isn’t suitable for my child?

We ask all children to attend at least 2 sessions before they decide the class isn’t for them. We then offer them the option to transfer over to one of our other pre school classes that may be more suitable for them. However if the parents decide that the class isn’t for them then we will offer a full refund minus the cost of the two sessions.  

How many children will be in the class and how many coaches per child?

Class sizes vary depending on the time of the year, location and day. However on average our pre school classes have around 10 children in each class and therefore we usually have at least 2 coaches present at the sessions.

Primary School

How do I pay for the before/after school sessions?

Schools have different payment options, some schools choose to pay for the clubs themselves - or some schools pass the charge onto the parents. If you school is passing the charge onto the parents then you will receive a letter from your school with instructions on how to pay for the clubs. However you can now book most classes online (and also pay online) using our website's booking system.

How do I find out about term dates and session times?

Information regarding the term dates and times will be on our website if you find the correct class. Alternatively you should have received a letter from your school.

Are all year groups at the before / after school session?

Some clubs will be open for all year groups, however other clubs may only be open to certain years. This information will be on the website or you will have received a letter from your school.

How does my child get to the after school club?

Your child will have been given instructions on where to meet the coach for the after school club via a letter from the school or an email from the SportSkool team. If you have not yet received this information then please contact us.

What happens at the end of clubs that run before classes? How does my child get to their class?

Different rules apply at different schools however at the majority of school clubs, Key Stage 2 children are able to go to their classrooms unassisted after the club. The coaches will take the Key Stage 1 children to their classrooms to meet their teachers.

What does my child need to wear to his after-school club?

Children can wear their P.E. kit if they wish to. They are also allowed to wear any other comfy sports clothes if they want however this may vary at different schools. It may also depend on the sports class. Therefore if you are still unsure after you have booked the class it’s best to contact us with any questions you have.

Can my child bring a snack to the after school club?

We encourage children to bring a small healthy snack before they start their after-school club as they can often be quite tired and hungry after a long day of school. However we recommend something that is healthy and is not going to take a long time to eat, like fruit.

Can children bring in their own equipment for the sessions?

We will have enough equipment at all sessions to ensure that nobody needs to bring any equipment.  However if your child has a special piece of equipment, like a cricket bat that he is desperate to use at an afterschool cricket club, then your child is more than welcome to bring it along to the session.

Holiday Clubs

What is the youngest / eldest age you accept?

Courses are for children aged between 5-11 (primary school children) We also allow children that are up to the age of 13 to attend however we explain to the parents that the course is mainly suitable for children up to the age of 11.

What happens if my child is unhappy during the day?

Firstly our coaches will do their best to ensure that every child enjoys the course. However if for any reason a child is not joining in and is not enjoying the day then we will ask them if they would like us to call their parents. We will then discuss with the parents the option of picking their child up early. If the child and parent come to the decision that they would not like to return on the other day / days that have been booked, we will refund them for these days.

How many children will be on the course and how many coaches?

It depends on the date and location of the course. However there are usually around 15-30 children per day. 

The national guidelines for staffing ratios out of school clubs and holiday courses was changed in 2014 to 1:30. However, our insurance policy requires that we work to ratios of 1:16 for activities that do not include gymnastics. Gymnastics is not a sport we will cover during our holiday clubs.

What happens when I pick up / drop off, what if someone else is picking my child up?

On arrival we ask all parents who are picking their children up. They must then sign in and out at the beginning and end of the day. If anything changes during the day we ask all parents to call us and let us know.

What if my child requires medication during the day?

The only medication that we will give children is medication that they bring in themselves.  We will then ask the parents to fill in a ‘permission to administer medication’ form that will also give instructions to the coach on how to administer the medication. If any child requires urgent medication during the day we will call either 999 or the parents - depending on the severity of the situation.

Can I pay by childcare vouchers? If so, how do I do this?

We accept a variety of childcare vouchers. If you are interested in paying for courses using these vouchers please contact us directly and we will guide you through the next steps.

Do you provide any food / refreshments for my child?

SportSkool provides no food for any child at any of our courses. The only occasion we may give the children food would be at the end of our Easter or Christmas courses in the form of a sweet gift. However we ensure that the children take this home and eat it at home, as well as let the parents know that we have given them this gift.

What do I do if I’m running late to pick my child up from the course?

Please call the SportSkool office on 01329 281 849 or alternatively you should have been given the number of the head coach who will be running the holiday course. However SportSkool does have a policy that states that if the lateness becomes a regular occurrence then we will have to charge parents for the extra time. If it is a one-off then we totally understand and the coach will wait with any children until they are picked up.

What do children need to bring with them to the holiday course?

Children need to bring clothes appropriate for the weather. Some sessions may take place outside in the rain if it is not heavy - therefore raincoats should be brought if it looks as if it could rain. However during the summer courses we advise all children to bring sun cream with them as they will spend long periods of the day outside.

We also ask parents to ensure their children have got lots food and drink with them for the day. We do have water fountains to fill bottles up at all our venues but we do not bring any food for any children. We also ask that parents try and avoid fizzy sugary drinks, peanut butter sandwiches or any nuts.

How do I book extended hours and what do the children to in extended hour periods?

Extra hours take place from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. To book extra hours please call the office on 01329 281 849 or email us at team@sportskool.co.uk. In these extra hours children will have the opportunity to relax, play games, arts and crafts as well as watch some films. We do also allow the children to play on any equipment outside - as well as play more sport if they have the energy to do so.

What do the children do if it rains?

Firstly we do ask children to bring wet weather gear if it looks as if it may rain as we will try and stay outside for as much as possible. However we have a hall and indoor facilities at all of holiday courses and therefore we will use these facilities when it rains. The children will then play indoor games such as bench-ball, dodgeball, parachute games, indoor hockey, ball games, as well as obstacle courses.


What is the hourly rate of PPA cover?

This is variable and depends on number of hours per week and various other factors. Prices start from £22 per hour.

What does your PPA cover include?

Our PPA cover includes delivering P.E. lessons to allow primary school teachers time to plan and prepare their teaching time. We also offer a teacher training programme that enables our coaches to work alongside the teachers in delivering the P.E. lessons.

Who delivers your PPA cover?

All of our coaches that deliver the PPA cover are at least a level 2 multi-skills coach. They will also have other coaching qualifications relevant to their specialist sports. 




My son loves his SportSkool classes, he's made new friends and enhanced his skills no-end! The coaches are fantastic, clearly very passionate about their sport but also great with the kids.

Donna Brown
Educational Advisor for PE and Dance