PPA Cover


PPA cover with SportSkool

Full-time teachers at primary schools in the UK are entitled to dedicated non-teaching time to support their planning, preparation and assessment (PPA). As such additional staff are needed to make sure that the curriculum can continue seamlessly.

Sportskool delivers PPA cover in the form of PE lessons to primary school children. Beforehand, we meet with the school's management to discuss detailed requirements, such as timetabling, curriculum, policy and reward schemes.

We believe that we can offer a better service, at a better price than any other provider.

Why is our provision better?

All SportSkool coaches teaching PE within primary schools have a minimum of Level 2 Multi-Skills qualifications and additional sporting qualifications to NGB Level 2.

As part of our partnership with the Sports & Exercise department at the University of Winchester, we offer work experience to university students. In return we get access to some of the best sports coaching facilities and students in the country. For schools, this means that our PE lessons can be delivered by a SportSkool coach AND a Sports Coaching student. Two coaches for the price of one!

All coaches and work experience students are DBS-certified, fully-insured and most are trained in paediatric first-aid.


SportSkool charges per hour for PPA Cover. Prices range from £22-25 per hour and depend on how much time your school requires. The minimum amount of cover we can offer is three hours per week.

Credentials & Partners

Here’s more about our credentials and partners:

  • SportSkool is on the voluntary register with OFSTED (number EY479492 under the name of SportSkool Kids Ltd).
  • SportSkool is on Hampshire County Council’s list of Providers of Physical Education and Sporting Opportunity.
  • SportSkool has partnered up with the Department of Sports & Exercise at the University of Winchester.
  • SportSkool has public liability insurance to £10m.

I chose to work with SportSkool to implement the Healthy and Active Lifestyle Programme in the Primary Schools because I feel they have a good philosophy and a sound understanding of children and sport.

Lindsay Broomfield
Author of Primary School Guide to Gymnastics

PE Teacher Training

Working alongside your teaching staff

SportSkool trains primary school teachers to better deliver PE lessons. 

Our coaches work alongside your staff to train them how to be more effective PE teachers, with a focus on improving pupils’ skills in specific sports. PE teacher training packages can be tailored to your school's requirements but many last for one school year. During this time the SportSkool coach will deliver lessons in partnership with the teacher, while simultaneously imparting the essentials of teaching PE.

Please contact us for more information about how SportSkool can help with your PPA Cover requirements or with PE Teacher Training packages.