Form whichever angle you look at it, teaching sports to children is a societal good. Most sports involve exercise to some degree and children learning about the benefits of health & fitness can yield no negative effects - especially at a time when all we hear is how obese, unhealthy and computer-game-focussed we are all becoming! Additional benefits of understanding about teamwork & sportsmanship are equally important and are attributes that will stand every child in good stead for the rest of their lives whatever they do.

Back in the day Mum or Dad was the best coach, teaching children to swing Grandpa’s old golf club or skip or kick a ball out of hand or do a cartwheel but today most parents are busy 24:7 and it is commonly accepted as “essential” that any sports training be delivered by a coach with national governing body qualifications, lest the lawyers spot a loophole to exploit!

We love it. And we want to see as many children in sport as possible. And we want a happier and healthier nation and a health care system that focuses on prevention rather than cure. But we know that we need to do it safely and properly and so our MO at SportSkool is somewhere in between. Unfortunately this does mean we have to charge!

To reflect our motivations and our passions, SportSkool Kids Ltd is a Social Enterprise. Social Enterprises are businesses that are trying to make a difference. As such, SportSkool Kids Ltd conducts its business and attempt to make profits in the open market like a normal company but then reinvests profits back into the business and the local community. And so when SportSkool Kids Ltd profits, society profits.

My son loves his SportSkool classes, he's made new friends and enhanced his skills no-end! The coaches are fantastic, clearly very passionate about their sport but also great with the kids.

Donna Brown
Educational Advisor for PE and Dance

The example of the Obstacle Course is a great way to introduce you to the SportSkool team.

Tom is the finance guy. He keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes and makes sure everyone is paid on time. Tom also delivers multi skills, rugby, athletics and cricket sessions.

Alice is in charge of our operations. She makes sure everyone is in the right place, at the right time and with the right kit! Alice also takes the lead on our wider marketing strategy and delivers dance, gymnastics and multi sports sessions.

Katie makes sure our holiday clubs are running smoothly. From staff rotas to kit and registers, she is on it! Katie also delivers football, dance and multi skills sessions.